Whatever your passion, Finding The Value Of Old Books offers the art & collectibles to match it. Please remember that an old or antique book is not necessary valuable just because it’s old. Common books like the works of William Shakespeare, prayer books, bibles and encyclopedias were printed in huge quantities during the Victorian era and usually have little value.

Match your book’s details with a record in an online catalog. Armed with your list of key identifying information, compare what you know about your copy with the official publication history of the book. Visit an online catalog such as World Cat, the National Union Catalog , or a print or digital author/subject bibliography that has been published about your book’s author or topic. Search by the author, title, and imprint details until you find a record that precisely matches your copy.

Evaluating Old Coins & Paper Money

Intensive collecting of true “first editions” of important modern literary works over the past few decades has substantially raised the market value of copies in fine condition. When you’re trying to find the market value of a rare book, the ease with which you’ll be able to do this will depend in part upon how rare the book is and whether any copies of it have sold recently. Yet even if you can’t locate similar copies that have sold recently through online marketplaces or at auction, a specialized rare book appraiser might be able to provide you with the information you’re seeking.

For example, it’s difficult to ascertain whether your old book has all its pages without a complete copy to compare it to. Also, repairs or treatments that take a trained eye to notice can affect prices dramatically. British publishing house Chapman & Hall released the first edition of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens in three volumes throughout 1861. While a complete set in pristine condition is hard to come by, a first edition set from its initial run sold at auction for $137,500 at Sotheby’s in 2008.

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Not so many as time went on but there were some over the years. So first edition books, especially going all the way back to the 1920s, of course, are going to be the most valuable even more valuable. Plus, there are moral considerations to take into account; a rare bookshop shouldn’t provide an evaluation or valuation if you’re simultaneously asking them to purchase the book from you in order to resell it. Usually, the copyright page is where you should start looking if you want to determine whether a book is the first edition.

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Willamson County’s school board discusses fate of four books.

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Just coats were generally overlooked since they were delicate. The last element to consider is the value of old books is demand. If a book is not in demand, it cannot be sold, regardless of its rarity or condition. Most times, only rare book specialists have the resources to determine the demand for a specific book. For example, if the book’s author, a famous person, and a notable person sign the book, it will make the book rarer.

Key factors that influence book values

To the surprise of many book collectors who are just getting started, 19th century books and post Victorian books are generally not regarded as being very old. If you’re unable to find a comparable copy on Biblio, try using BookGilt which searches for antiquarian and rare books across the entire internet. Whether you have grand old hardcover books or first edition classics, it is important to know their value so that you can both correctly insure them or sell them. Keep in mind that especially old or rare books may still be highly valuable even with considerable damage.

  • Your wants can now make use of the seller location filter too.
  • The Delicious Library 3 app allows you to catalogue up to 10,000 items including the current market value of items based on what the open markets are doing.
  • To be sure, a book may be considered rare or valuable to a particular person, but it may not necessarily have significant market value.
  • Regardless of whether the book is printed as part of asmall edition, it does not mean that it is rare.

The simplicity with which you’ll be able to determine a rare book’s market value depends partly on how uncommon the publication is and if any copies have been recently sold. A rare bookstore in your neighborhood might be able to provide the appraisal for you in some circumstances if you’re not looking to resell the book but instead want to get one for insurance purposes.